Ideas for stories and novels.

As a novelist, I find the problem is not a lack of ideas; instead, it is finding one that will go the distance. I play with it until I find the emotional connection that compels me to write it. Often that is a part of the story’s theme. I suggest figuring out the theme of a novel as quickly as possible, use it as motivation to finish it.

Below are some sources of ideas that work for me.

  • Some person that intrigues you
  • A newspaper article (the catalyst of my present endeavor)
  • Something on social media
  • A sentence you’ve overheard  (if you don’t yet eavesdrop, begin)
  • Something you’ve done that would look strange to anyone watching: (my romance novel originally began, “Seated in his car, Jason watched as a strange woman exited her car with a bridal bouquet of orange roses. Not dressed in white, she then tossed the bouquet of orange roses over her head into the apartment dumpster behind her.”)

Your turn. What works for you?  And let me know if you have a specific topic you need covered immediately.


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Beginning Write

Began writing at 12, and began compulsively reading every writing book and magazine I could get my hands on. It's been a great hobby that I've enjoyed and now wish to share. I've led two writing groups, been a part of many more, and see this blog as an extension of that.

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