Characters–The Most Important Component of Story

Several years ago I listened to a talk given by Lew Hunter, author of Screenwriting 434. (Great takeaway: No such thing as failures, they are deposits in your valuable inventory.)

Prior to speaking, Lew got to see part of a screenplay some audience members bravely acted out. I leaned forward, wondering if his critique of their work would match mine. But his response to them at the end, whatever they brought up, was that they had not defined their characters. We did not learn many secrets that night, but we learned the #1 priority.

Nothing can be worked on until you have believable, living characters.

“I turn to characters to learn more about my story.” Elizabeth George

Mystery novelist Elizabeth George completes a long bio for each character, we’ll look at some aspects of it tomorrow.

Write on,



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Began writing at 12, and began compulsively reading every writing book and magazine I could get my hands on. It's been a great hobby that I've enjoyed and now wish to share. I've led two writing groups, been a part of many more, and see this blog as an extension of that.

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